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Supporting your child’s wellbeing while at home

With some children still spending more time at home, it’s important that they engage in activities that support their wellbeing, learning and development.

Physical activity

The need for physical activity is very important for the healthly growth and development of children. The Chief Medical Officer for the UK states that each child aged one to five needs to have 3 hours of physical activity a day.

Due to the restrictions in place due to coronavirus at present, this may now be difficult, but here are some suggestions of things you can do in and around the home and garden:

  • Messy play – playing with mud in the garden/playing with jelly on a tray
  • Jumping – jumping in puddles while out on a walk or in the garden/playing a jumping game indoors
  • Walking – make this fun by spotting interesting things while out walking or even when walking around your garden
  • Dancing – turn up the music and have a dance party
  • Climbing – climbing can be inside, use your furniture and remember to supervise at all times to prevent injury
  • Skipping – with a skipping rope or skipping around the house/garden/outdoor space
  • Active play – like hide and seek around the home and in the garden
  • Throwing and catching – use a ball or beanbag
  • Scooting or riding a bike

Online resources

There are also activities that you can access online to keep you all moving, such as the Disney themed ’10 minute Shake Ups’ from Change 4 Life.

10 Minute Shake Up

There are also a number of fun activities you can try on Youtube, like Cosmetic Kids Yoga, kids beginner fitness exercises and much more.

Education and stimulation

While your children are not attending an educational setting, it’s important they still receive stimulation and learning opportunities at home to support their development. Here are some ideas and suggestions for the different age groups:

Age 1-2

Here are some activities you can do with your toddler aged 1-2.

Age 2-3

Here are some activities that you can do to support your child aged 2-3.

Age 3-5

Here are some learning opportunities for your pre-schooler while staying at home.

Thinkuknow home activity packs


Thinkuknow is the online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Once a fortnight, they will be producing an activity sheet to help you support your child in developing their online safety knowledge while schools are partially closed.

You can find all of the home activity packs for ages 4-5 here.

Please remember to follow the government guidelines around keeping yourself and your family safe during the COVID 19 outbreak. Up to date information and advice can be found here

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