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Children and young people’s therapies

Our service offers Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

We support children and young people who have needs in the following areas:

We see children and young people from birth to age 19 who live in Buckinghamshire or have a Buckinghamshire GP. We offer information, training, advice, assessment, and therapy.

Help and support

Children and young people who have high, urgent health or equipment needs require a referral into the service.

We also offer a range of support to families, schools and nurseries for children and young people who have needs which do not meet the criteria for a referral into the service. Support can be accessed in the following ways by anyone supporting the child or young person.


We run free live webinars that can be accessed by parents, carers and schools and nurseries which cover a range of topics. These are interactive sessions with the opportunity to ask questions during and after the sessions.

You can access these sessions on a laptop, tablet or phone. You do not need to pre-book or download Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Advice Sessions

We offer virtual advice sessions for parents, carers, schools and nurseries. These are held over the telephone or on Microsoft Teams at a pre-arranged time.

Infant Language Link and Speech Link assessments and interventions are also available in all Key Stage 1 (Reception year to end of Year 2) settings in Buckinghamshire.  These run alongside speech and language therapy school advice sessions to tailor advice specifically to individual children. Speak to your child’s school for more information about this tool.

Website Resources

We provide a range of online information, advice and resources available to help you to support children and young people with a range of needs.

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