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Health for under 5s was developed by professionals working for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT), with support from Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council.


This website has been produced specifically for prospective parents as well as parents and carers of children from 0-5 years. It contains information to support you during those initial formative years.

The information provided is concise, clear and easy to understand, with the tone of having a ‘chat’ with your health visitor. The content is therefore conversational and avoids the use of detailed medical terminology wherever possible.


The website is primarily a health information and promotion website, covering important milestones in a child’s development from pregnancy through baby, toddler and preschool, as well as offering support, information and advice specifically for parents and carers.

Users can also find out about accessing support from local services. This website is not about managing serious illnesses, for which more specialist websites already exist, but we’ve signposted to them where they are applicable.

Clinical experts

All content has been produced by health visitors and a whole range of other health and wellbeing experts.


This website is delivered in partnership with a number of NHS providers across the UK. Each of the partners has a local area section on the website which includes local information.


Parents, carers and families have been actively involved in developing all aspects of this website. Involving service users in campaigns, further development and content helps make sure it reflects what is important to them.


This website is owned and operated by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.

Operational management

All of the commercial and operational elements of this website are managed by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s Digital Development Team.  Day to day operations are governed by a group of senior NHS managers which also steers the strategic direction of this website.

Clinical management

Clinical management is delivered by the Healthy Together Team in Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s Division of Families, Young People and Children’s Services.

Evidence based

The content published on this website is evidence based health information in line with NHS standards, including NICE Guidelines.

Safety and Governance

All of the content is reviewed through a rigorous clinical governance process.  The review panel is robustly governed by formal group of specialist public health practitioners and other specialists from different areas of healthcare practice.

We follow these principles:

Content development

All content is evidence-based, informed by research, practice and from the direct experience of clinicians, other health professionals, patients and the wider public.


We follow national NHS standards frameworks which require us to be able to evidence robust clinical risk management plans and processes.


All staff accessing the content management system of this website have completed relevant training.


This website has a clear privacy notice which it explicitly adheres to.

Final Review

Before any content containing clinical information is published, it is reviewed by a content management board staffed by expert professionals including clinicians, a quality lead, a digital engagement lead and digital nurse practitioners.

Recurrent Review

Content is reviewed and updated at least every three years.  Any updates will be published in line with changes to practice.  Next review and last review dates are published on all content.

Editorial standards

We are committed to high editorial and ethical standards in the provision of all content on this website.  We are committed to providing easily accessible objective, trustworthy information and guidance which enables young people to take ownership of their health.  We follow these principles:


The content is accurate, evidence based and in line with NHS policies and practices.


User feedback is always sought to ensure that all content is easily accessible, relevant and current.

Impartiality and diversity of opinion

All content is objective, impartial and non-judgemental.  It is reflective of our diverse audience in the wide communities we serve.

Taste and decency

All content is suitable for the target audience.  We will not include material that might reasonably be deemed offensive.  Where content includes sensitive information it will be clearly flagged.


This website is not funded through any corporate funding which may have an impact in impartiality, such as advertising revenue.


Whilst we review any external content which we provide links to, we will not be held liable for any issues relating to the upkeep of third party websites.  Nor will we be held liable for damage or losses arising from website use or loss of website use (during service interruptions).

If you need support

Should any information found on this site raise any personal issues for you, please contact a health professional.

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