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This section will provide health professionals with extended information and resources regarding a range of subjects to assist with best quality care for children and families.

The information is taken from a range of professional agencies including:

The information they produce is relevant to:-

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Providers and commissioners of children’s services
  • Parents, carers and children with relevant conditions


Father and partner information


Formula feeding

Information on making up formula feeds and the different types of formula milk available.

Maternal mental health

In this section, you will find resources that offer support and advice to parents who are suffering with baby blues and post-natal depression.

Newborn Hearing screening


Lesbian,Gay,Bi and Transgender

Local Authority Councils

National Screening Tests

Finding a pre-school/nursery


Links to safeguarding information and requirements for everyone.

Safe sleep

Promoting safe sleep with parents/carers is crucial. Within the main sections of the website, you will find links to the Lullaby Trust, Little Lullaby Trust (for younger parents by younger parents) and BASIS. Here you will find more supportive articles

Services for children with special needs and disabilities (SEND)

Find information for children and young people with SEND all in one place. This is known as The Local Offer. For more information access your local authority website.

Advise and support for siblings of children with SEND 

Speech, language and communication needs

Introducing solid foods

You can find lots of information on introducing solid foods in our Baby’s Next Steps video.

Physical Activity


Information to support staff and families with regard to the prevention of accidents.

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