Download your ‘Make a Tweak’ record chart

Making small, manageable changes to your toddler’s lifestyle can help to make it easier to live more healthily in the years to come. These small changes can make a BIG difference!

Health for Under 5s and Leicester City Council are calling on everyone to get involved with the campaign by pledging to make small tweaks to their lifestyle.

Print off our downloadable record chart to use with your child.

Use the chart with pre-filled tweaks or choose some tweaks of your own, using the blank chart, that you can make each day of the week. When you child has completed a tweak, they can colour in one of the smiley faces on the corresponding day.

Make a Tweak Chart

Blank Make a Tweak Chart

Making your tweaks habit

At the end of the week, pick your favourite tweak or the one your toddler enjoyed the most and start doing it every week. Then, try to build another tweak into day to day life.

Some other ideas for tweaks include:

Food tweaks

  • Swap a packaged snack such as crisps or chocolate for a piece of fruit or veg
  • Swap chips for salad, new potatoes or vegetables

Activity tweaks

  • Go to the park after pre-school, nursery or the childminders
  • Go for a walk exploring nature or a different area of where you live every day

For more ideas on tweaks or information on Leicester City Council’s 1000 Tweaks to Feeling Great campaign, visit their website. To get some more smart food swap ideas, visit Change 4 Life.

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