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Care of Next Infant (CONI)

Care of the Next Infant (CONI) is available to families within Buckinghamshire.

Families who have experienced the sudden death or unexpected death or experienced an apparent life-threatening event of a baby or young child are often very anxious when they have another baby.  The CONI programme provides emotional and practical support of bereaved families during pregnancy and throughout the early months of their new baby’s life, allowing them to enjoy this special time. Receiving a referral in the Antenatal period is always better but we can receive referrals post-delivery, and the programme usually runs for up to 6-12 months after the birth of the baby.

CONI Coordinators work alongside Health Visitors who will support families in gaining confidence in looking after their baby. Midwives, GPs, Health Professionals and Paediatricians will work with the Health Visiting CONI Coordinator/Health visitor to help support the family.

CONI families can have as much or as little support as they need. In Buckinghamshire we keep this flexible to enable us to provide individual support for each family. With support from the local CONI Coordinator families can choose from:

  • Increased contact by HV.
  • Movement Monitor – which picks up movements as the baby breathes. If there is a gap of 20 seconds, an alarm will sound to alert the parents
  • Basic Life Support – CONI coordinators are trained to teach parents this at home.
  • Symptom Diary – to record babies health
  • Baby Check APP – Helps parents make decisions in regards medical attention
  • Sheffield Weight Chart – this is a more detailed weight chart than in the PCHR
  • Room Thermometer.
  • CONI healthcare passport – open door to Paediatrician

GPs will be informed that a baby is on the CONI programme

The emphasis of the CONI programme is to promote Safe Sleep. These guidelines are set by the Lullaby Trust.

The CONI Coordinator’s in Buckinghamshire are:

  • Lucy Stainer (Chalfont)
  • Nicola White (Buckingham)

The Buckinghamshire CONI email address for referrals or advice/support is:

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