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Toilet Training - when is good to start?

As you think about training your child to use the toilet, put yourself in your child’s place for a moment and think about everything that is involved.

Consider the sensations felt of needing the toilet, being able to connect that sensation with the need your own body has and learning the appropriate response. Along with this having an awareness of the time needed to get to the potty or toilet, as well as the ability to removing clothing. It is a lot to learn and coordinate. So as a parent or carer it’s best not to be pressured by others to start toilet training, or become impatient when things don’t go according to plan. Remembering every child is different and learns at different times and in different ways. Most children are ready for toilet training between 18 months and 3 years old, when they can understand what is expected of them.

This link will take you to a simple guide to start toilet training:

The following link will help you decide when your child is ready for toilet training and how to go about it. This website also suggests solutions to common problems such as constipation. Tips are provided for children with additional needs. There are also videos for children, explaining “poos and wees”.
Potty Training

This link talks more about the psychological considerations of toilet training:

Please contact your Health Visitor if you feel further support is needed.

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