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Nifty nappy changing and getting baby dressed

Putting a nappy on a baby is a bit fiddly until you get the hang of it, and as for the baby gros… what do you do with all those poppers? Follow our top tips:

  • Remember the nappy tabs should be at the back. Once they’re in position, run your finger around the leg area to check the elastic is sitting comfortably against your baby’s skin. This will stop any leaking or rubbing.
  • Baby vests are designed with an ‘envelope’ neck so that you can pull them on easily over your baby’s head, but also so that you can remove them downwards over dirty nappies to minimise the mess.
  • To make it easier to get delicate little arms and legs into baby clothes, put your hand through the arm/leg hole first, then take hold of your baby’s hand or foot and gently pull it through.
  • In the early days, stick to soft baby grows, leggings and t-shirts. Denim jeans and jackets can be bulky and restrict your baby’s movement, especially during tummy time.
  • When it comes to poppers, try to line them up first and work from the outside in. You can do it single handed if you squeeze between thumb and forefinger!
  • Dressing your baby in layers is a good way to make sure they’re warm and comfortable. You can easily add or remove layers as necessary.

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Baby holding feet

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