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Let’s move more

Do you know how much physical activity you should be doing? Do you know how much physical activity your child should be doing?

Obesity and the associated health risks are increasing in children and adults, and everyone is less active than we used to be; even more so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions and needing to stay at home.

It’s really important that we all try and move more.  You don’t need to be running marathons or becoming elite athletes, but aiming to do more than you currently do can make a real difference.

Mum out jogging

So how much activity should your child be doing?

It’s recommended that children aged one to five have at least 180 minutes of activity a day. It doesn’t need to be all at the same time; it could be lots of 10 or 20 minute activities which all add up throughout the course of the day.

For example, why not get off the bus a stop early, walk up the stairs rather than use the lift or get out and about to explore the local area with your household?

Physical activity isn’t just about planned exercise; it’s about doing everyday things such as carrying the shopping, gardening, cleaning, dancing to music and walking around the house.

Playtime activities are also really important for your child’s language development as well as thinking, concentrating, problem solving and social interaction.

Take a look at the infographic below from Public Health England for some physical activity ideas and to check how much you exercise your child should be doing.

Physical activity guide for early years


Physical activity for pregnant women

Physical activity during pregnancy infographic

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