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The role of the health visitor

Health Visitors are nurses or midwives who have a further specialist qualification in Public Health. They offer a universal service to all and targeted support in response to need. They are responsible for supporting families and their children, from pregnancy up to the age of five and beyond.

They work with individuals, families, groups and communities, and can liaise and gain support from additional services where required.

Health visitors provide antenatal and postnatal support, building relationships with families to make sure that children learn, thrive and reach their full potential. Health Visitors assess growth and development and encourage the development of healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

Health visitor talking to a family

They support families in reducing risks and safeguarding and protecting children, this can mean liaising with other agencies to make sure appropriate support is in place.

Families from all walks of life will need support at different times, so the service will adapt and change to meet the needs of each individual child or family.

Watch this video to hear a health visitor talk about the role.

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