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Let’s get physical

It’s really important to encourage physical activity in children right from birth. As well as lots of floor based play, babies will really enjoy going swimming with you.

Experts recommend that pre-schoolers who can walk by themselves should be getting active for at least 180 minutes every day.

Nap-time aside, all under-fives shouldn’t be made to sit down for long periods. They need to be able to run about and play.

Early years physical activity infographic


Why physical activity?

Being physically active helps little ones to:

  • Develop strong bones, muscles and heart
  • Develop good motor skills, which means being able to balance and have good co-ordination
  • Develop good social and emotional skills
  • Develop important pathways in the brain that help learning
  • Sleep well
  • Reach their potential

What you can do

For ideas on how to support your child to be physical active, why not download:

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