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Can you find the suitable snacks for super smiles?

Playing this game with your child will encourage them to enjoy more ‘tooth-friendly’ snacks in between meals, keeping sugary foods and drinks to meal times only.

Introducing some of these snacks into your child’s diet can help to prevent tooth decay, and reduce the frequency and overall amount of sugar in their diet.

How to play

Have fun playing the game with your child in just three easy steps:

Step one

Download and print off the three parts to the activity:

Snacks for super smiles activity

Step Two

Cut out the selection of snacks and encourage your child to sort the foods into ‘snacks suitable for super smiles’, ‘foods to have occasionally with a meal’ and those ‘best to avoid’. Get them to place each snack picture onto the blank answer table under the heading they think it fits.

Step Three

Use the completed answer table to check the snacks are in the right place. Talk to your child about why certain snacks are suitable for super smiles, while others are best suited occasionally with a meal and the reason why some are best to avoid, along with the importance of reducing sugar in their diet to prevent tooth decay.

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