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What’s a healthy portion for your little one?

It’s important to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods to help them get used to lots of different flavours and textures, and also to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy.

It can be difficult to know how much to offer your child.

Watch our portion guide animation to see how using child sized plates and bowls along with the size of your child’s hand can be an easy way to help guide you on how much (the portion size) to offer your child.

How much should I offer my child?

Children are all different in lots of ways, such as how tall they are, how active they are and what type of foods they like. However, many parents and carers worry whether their child is getting the ‘right’ amount and ‘type’ of food to keep them healthy.

Our portion size guide provides a ‘general guide’ on amounts of foods, from each of the food groups, to offer children of different ages. It’s based on the nutritional needs of young children, and by working towards these types and amounts of foods, parents and carers can feel more confident they are offering suitable amounts.

Of course, young children’s appetites will vary from day to day; they will have growth spurts and be more active some days than others, however, using the ‘portion guide’ as a general guide can help young children develop good habits about food and drinks at an early age.

Handy portion size guide for under 5’s

You can also download and print off our handy portion size guide below for some portion size help at home.

Portion size guide for under 5s

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