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Breastfeeding Friendly Solihull

The Breastfeeding Friendly Solihull scheme is a joint project between Solihull’s infant feeding team and the council. Any establishment displaying the breastfeeding welcome signage has signed up to the scheme so you can feel safe and respected regarding breastfeeding your child.


How does this scheme help mothers/parents?

When a parent sees the Breastfeeding Friendly poster and window sticker displayed, then they are confident that this establishment supports their rights to breastfeed in a public place. They can be confident that they will not be asked to move, cover up, stop feeding or leave the premises.

The scheme helps normalise breastfeeding, after all – it’s just a baby being fed! We think it’s cute when a sheep is feeding her young in a field but the same reaction is not always displayed to mothers/parents. The more people see breastfeeding, the more normal it will become. This raises the profile of breastfeeding and encourages more people to breastfeed in the future.

The scheme ensures that businesses and staff are aware of the law. Mothers are protected by the Equality Act 2010, which states it is unlawful for a business to discriminate, harass or victimise a mother for breastfeeding a child of any age.

Finding breastfeeding friendly venues near year

Visit our map to view the breastfeeding friendly venues in Solihull who have signed up to the scheme so far.

How does the scheme help businesses?

  • Helps raise your profile as we will advertise your establishment on our directory for free
  • Increases footfall/social media traffic to your business
  • Allows you to give something back to the community, as well as being seen as a family friendly establishment which will again help trade.

Joining the scheme

If you are a business in Solihull and are interested in joining us, please complete this short form


Do you know a venue that is already breastfeeding friendly? Nominate them using this form and we will contact them to add their details to our scheme.

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