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Product Safety Alert: Baby self-feeding pillows and prop feeding

It is not safe for a to prop feed a baby or use self-feeding pillow.

There are lots of baby feeding and sleep products available to buy on the market that are sold as ‘miracle solutions’ and ‘must haves’, but it may surprise you that many of these products are unnecessary and can even be unsafe for your baby.

Baby self-feeding pillow products are designed to enable a baby self-feed without assistance or supervision from an adult. However babies are unable to control the flow of milk, stop the feed or signal for help which could result choking and even death.

Holding your baby close and having skin-to-skin time whilst feeding has many benefits. It releases the love hormone Oxytocin which can help you to get to know your baby and build a close bond with each other. This will help your baby feel happy and secure, giving them the best start in life to grow into happy and confident children and adults.

A product safety alert has been raised for these self-feeding pillows, but sadly at present they are still available to buy. If you are ever unsure about a product, please contact your health visiting team for further advice

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