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Prolonged jaundice appointment details

Prolonged jaundice appointment details

Your Health Visiting Team will book an appointment with the children’s Outpatients department at the local hospital. This can be at Stoke Mandeville or Wycombe General Hospital.

Prior to attending the appointment. Your baby’s Jaundice will need to be reviewed by a member of the heath visiting which they will arrange when they book the appointment.

Your Health Visiting Team will give you a specimen pot for a clean catch urine to be taken with you to the appointment if this is required. Please collect the baby’s urine the morning of the appointment and keep it in the fridge to take with you.

Where to attend your appointment

Stoke Mandeville Children’s Outpatient’s department is located via the main entrance, with WH Smith on your right when you walk down the corridor. It is signposted on your left-hand side.

Wycombe Children’s Outpatient department is located in the Orange zone which is via the main entrance. The lift is located on the right which will take you to the 2nd floor. Exit the lift and turn left. Then continue through the doors to the outside area and follow the signs to the Children’s Outpatient department at the rear of the Orange zone.

At the appointment, your child will be seen by a member of the outpatient team. The urine will be tested, and a specimen of blood may be taken from the hand.

You will be asked to wait, and the results will be shared with you. If further treatment is required, this will be discussed and arranged with you.

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