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Parental checklist after birth

Congratulations, you’re a new parent, what next?

Register the birth

First things first, register the birth. You need to make an appointment to register the birth at the Birmingham Register Office 0121 675 1000 or the Solihull Register Office 0121 704 8002, depending on where you gave birth. If you’re married or in a civil partnership with the other parent to your newborn child, only one of you needs to visit the Register Office to register the birth. If you and the other parent to your newborn child are not married but will share parental responsibility, both of you need to attend the appointment to be put on the birth certificate. You have to register the birth 42 days of your child being born, and the current cost of birth certificates is £11.

*There are current COVID restrictions advising you do not bring your baby to the appointment, but please check with the register office at the time as this may have changed.

Register with the GP

You will need to register your baby with your local GP as they will be due an 8-week postnatal check and immunisations around 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. You may also require medical advice or support prior to 8 weeks, so it is a good idea to register your baby as soon as possible. The GP you have chosen may allow you to register online, or you may have to complete a form. The GP will need to see the birth certificate once you receive it, but you can register the baby without it. GP’s can refuse to register your baby if they are not accepting new patients, or you are outside the area, please then find an alternative GP to register your baby with.

Professional Contact

When you are discharged home from hospital with your baby, you will have a community midwife visit you at home over the first 2 weeks, dependent on babies progress and your recovery following the birth. If you do not have contact from a community midwife during this timeframe, please call the midwifes office on 0121 424 2726. Your health visitor should make contact with you 10-14 days after babies born and will arrange a home visit to support you with parenting, the growth and development of your baby and advise on some health promotion topics. Your health visitor is available for support until your child is school age, the key contacts you will have with your health visitor are the initial visit, 6-8 week visit and then the 1 year and 2 year development checks for your child. If you do not have contact with a health visitor in the first 10-14 days, please call the South Solihull health visitors on 0121 726 6755 if you live in South Solihull or the North Solihull health visitors on 0121 329 0120 if you live in the North of Solihull.


ChatHealth Logo

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust runs a confidential secure text messaging service for parents of children aged 0-5 years called ChatHealth. The service operates Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm, excluding bank holidays. All texts will be responded to by a health visitor within 24 hours. Outside of the service working hours, you’ll receive a message back to inform you that your text will be responded to once the service reopens.

Should you require urgent health advice in the meantime, please contact your GP, visit an NHS walk-in centre or call NHS 111. For emergencies, dial 999 or visit A&E.

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