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Family Nurse Partnership

What is FNP?

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a voluntary programme usually offered to first time young mums (and dads) aged 19 or under.

We know from research that a healthy pregnancy gives your baby the best possible start in life. The relationship you have with your baby right from the start is crucial for their future health and happiness. Your specially trained family nurse will help you understand all about your pregnancy and how to care well for yourself and your baby.

Your family nurse will provide you with information and support you to make decisions which:

  • Increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy
  • Help you manage your labour
  • Improve your child’s development
  • Build a positive relationship with your baby and others
  • Help you plan for the future
  • Enable you to make lifestyle choices that will give your child the best possible start in life
  • Enable you to achieve your aspirations (such as finding a job or returning to education)

Research also shows that mums (and dads) who take part in this programme are more likely to achieve what they want for themselves and their children.

Family nurses support you to give your baby the best possible start in life, which could make a difference to you and your baby’s whole life.

What’s involved?

Your family nurse will visit you every one or two weeks from early in your pregnancy until your child is at least one year. Home visits usually last about an hour.

You will share different ideas at each visit with your family nurse and decide together what topics to talk about. Your family nurse will help you develop new skills and make plans for a healthy, happy future for you and your baby.

Email Family Nurse Partnership

Office telephone number: 0300 003 0338

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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust runs a confidential secure text messaging service for parents of children aged 0-19 years called ChatHealth. The service operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm, excluding bank holidays. All texts will be responded to by a public health nurse (health visitor/school nurse) within 24 hours. Outside of the service working hours, you’ll receive a message back to inform you that your text will be responded to once the line reopens.

Should you require urgent health advice in the meantime, please contact your GP, visit an NHS walk-in centre or call NHS 111. For emergencies, dial 999 or visit A&E.

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