How you’ll feed your baby

When you’re making a choice about how you want to feed your baby, you’ll be influenced by the views of family and friends, by past experiences, by what you see in the media as well as by the advice from health professionals.

It’s an important decision, and you need to feel that you have all the facts and information you need. While you’re still pregnant, it’s worth finding out more about the choices available to you, even though you don’t need to make any firm decisions until your baby arrives.

As well as exclusively breastfeeding or exclusively formula feeding, you have other options such as mixed feeding, or expressing breastmilk which you give to your baby from a bottle. Whatever decision you make, support will be available. During your pregnancy you’ll have regular contact with your midwife, and when you reach 28-32 weeks, you may also have contact with your health visitor. Both these health professionals will be happy to discuss feeding choices with you. They can also signpost you to ante-natal groups running in your area.

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