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Staying well while staying at home

While you have to spend much more time at home, there are lots of ways that you can look after your own mental health.

It’s important to stay informed about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but it can be scary and worrying, which can in turn affect your mental health. Looking after the mind as well as the body is key.

Limit time reading or hearing about the outbreak

Worried father looking at smart phone

It’s a good idea to limit the amount of time you spend reading or watching news about the outbreak, as this can increase feelings of worry.

Switch off the news alerts on your phone and only access information about the outbreak a couple of times a day using reputable sources like GOV.UK.

Maintain your routine

Young family having breakfast

Routines are good for our wellbeing, so keeping your day to day routine during the outbreak as close to your usual routine as possible, will be good for the whole family.

Children respond well to routine, so try to keep their mealtimes, sleep times and bedtime routine the same too.


Pregnant lady relaxing

Build relaxation into your daily routine, as this can help improve your wellbeing. You can access breathing techniques and relaxation apps that can help you stay calm in difficult or worrying situations.

You could also read a book, watch a film or listen to music you enjoy to help you relax.

Do things you enjoy


Doing jigsaw puzzles

When feeling low or worried you might stop doing things you usually enjoy. Try to keep doing these things if you can.

If you can’t do them anymore, look at finding new things to enjoy. This could be learning a new skill or completing a free course; there are lots of free resources online, from language apps to knitting tutorials.

Talk to people you care about

Children sitting together

Maintaining healthy relationships is important for your mental wellbeing. Think about ways you can stay in touch with friends and family using messaging, video calls or social media.

This can be people you would normally see all the time, but you could also reconnect with old friends. Staying in touch with your loved ones can help them cope better with the situation too.

If you are struggling and need further support, contact your Health Visitor

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